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Pipe and drape is an opportunity that many companies fail to take advantage of at trade shows.

You’ve invested good money to acquire space at a trade show. You’ve committed the time to attend, and probably done some marketing work in preparation. You may have sent letters or emails to existing and potential clients letting them know you’ll be there. All of this money, time and effort could be wasted if you don’t invest in creating a booth that reflects you and your products and tempts people to visit.

One way to make your booth stand out is to use pipe and drape effectively and innovatively. Here we look at a few ideas that will make your booth stand out from the crowd.

Hang drape that matches your corporate colors

Think about colors that complement your products or company, and how your corporate colors could be best displayed in the drape. Speak to us about designs, and we’ll help your drape stand out from the booths around you.

Customize your drape with corporate images

Nothing says more about your professionalism and commitment to your product than a digitally printed drape with stunning photo-quality printing. Your product will be on full display as a magnified version of itself behind the real-size exhibit.

Use the drape as a backdrop for your exhibits

Some trade shows will insist that all booths have standard pipe and drape. This doesn’t mean you have to become lost in a sea of drab grey because it’s the corporate color of the trade show sponsor. Think about how you can use pop-up displays, banners and table covers to bring your booth to life. You’ve all seen ‘Pimp My Ride’… it’s time to pimp your booth.

Light it up!

For those trade shows where the standard backdrop is a neutral pastel color or white drape, how about using creative lighting to create a visually stimulating display? You won’t want to distract from your exhibits, but lighting can be used to create interest and mood. It’s not expensive, and turns the drabbest of drape into a huge ‘Come on in!’ sign.

Fire up your imagination and let pipe and drape sell you

With today’s technology and the expertise of our event branding and fabrication team, there is little that we can’t do with pipe and drape to help steer your success at trade shows.

The last thing you want to do at a trade event is direct clients to your booth by saying which competitor you’re next to. You don’t want to mention your competitors. We’ll help you avoid this common mistake.

Remember that first impressions really do leave their mark. The quality and imagination on the drape behind you will say plenty about you. A cheap booth says cheap company, and cheap product.

A trade show is an incredible opportunity to sell new products to existing customers and develop long-term and lucrative relationships with new clients. The right pipe and drape, combined with great lighting and exhibits, will make your booth stand out with a visual appeal that people will notice immediately and talk about for months.

Want to know how we help our clients stand out from the crowd at trade shows? All you need do is contact us today – with our expertise and your product, there’s no reason why your next trade show shouldn’t be your most successful yet.

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