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Clear span tents are among our most popular rental options. It’s easy to see why. They are easy to set up, offer complete flexibility on size, and suffer from no internal obstructions. They provide the solidity of permanent structures, yet are lightweight and portable. They can be erected on any surface, and don’t require the preparation of footings needed for permanent structures.

We’ve supplied clear span tents for dozens of different types of events. Uses include:

  • Weddings and family functions
  • Trade shows
  • Film studios
  • Fairs, festivals, and charity events
  • Corporate events
  • Sports events

A clear span tent can even be used to turn a partially used outdoor swimming pool into an all-year-round lido. On construction sites, they provide the perfect solution for storage of equipment and supplies.

In this article, we’ll discuss two of the most common events for which event planners rent clear span tents. We’ll also examine a few of the big benefits of clear span tents, and the considerations that event planners need to make before selecting a clear span tent for their needs.

Clear span – making the big day more memorable

Outdoor weddings are gaining in popularity. Committing to each other in beautiful, landscaped gardens is the dream of many couples. But, when you’re planning such an event perhaps up to two years in advance, it’s impossible to know if the weather will be kind or cruel.

A clear span tent provides complete shelter, yet the sides can be removed easily to open the entire structure up and let a beautiful day bathe guests in sunlight and warmth. A range of lighting and power accessories ensures that guests at the wedding and reception aren’t left in the dark. Ambient lighting invites everyone onto the dance floor. 

Giving all a sporting chance of success

Not every sports club has the funds or space to host their events in a huge stadium. Clear span tents are popular as temporary structures to turn outdoor sports events into indoor gala competitions. Tennis and swimming are among the most popular sports where audience and atmosphere benefit from being enclosed.

And after the event is over, the clear span tent can be used to hold awards and an after-competition dinner.

Flexible solutions for all events

A customized clear span tent is perfect for all types of events. Their design enables the flexibility to fit any requirement. They can be built square, rectangular, T-shaped, and so on. This flexibility allows for turnkey tent designs to be erected.

Different fabrics and cover solutions are available. This may be an important consideration, especially if the tent is expected to encounter high winds or severe weather conditions.

Quality solution

High quality should always be a deciding factor on your choice of structure, you’ll find that clear span tents are:

  • renowned for their durability. You’ll find that maintenance needs are minimal. Their design also makes it easy to expand the space, or to relocate if necessary. A tent can be rented long term and used on several sites for different events.
  • In addition, different fabric options offer adaptability other tent types might not provide.

All these advantages add up to a unique solution compared to other structural options. This could be the difference between winning and losing an event.

What flexibility is needed?

If the tent is for a more long-term, semi-permanent structure (a season-long trade show, for example), then solid walls may be best. 

What weather conditions will the tent be exposed to?

Clear span tents benefit from several elements that protect from the elements. However, depending on the severity of weather expected there may be some design modifications required. These are easily made, and might include:

  • Anchoring to protect against high winds
  • Strengthening structural supports to protect against the weight of heavy snowfall
  • Using specially coated fabrics to protect against damage from UV rays in sunlight

What is your budget?

Finally, think about your budget. Don’t forget to consider how long you will need the tent for. The costs of putting up and taking down must be factored in, so the longer you rent, the less impact these costs have on your overall cost. 

Whatever the event you’re planning, a clear span tent could be the ideal solution. They provide maximum flexibility, protect against all weather conditions, and provide aesthetic protection for any need. Contact Main Attractions today, and we’ll discuss your options and ensure that you take a comprehensive view of needs. We also work fast, ensuring tenting gets to where it’s needed on time, every time – we’ll never let you down.

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