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A winter party outdoors can be an exhilarating and memorable event. Here we look at a few decorating ideas, and ways in which you can make any winter party sparkle.

Create a theme

Theme ideas range from the complex to the simple. It may be that you want to embrace the season. Traditional winter themes include a Christmas fayre, or perhaps a celebration of a season of winter sports. Perhaps the Winter Olympics could serve as a backdrop to a winter corporate event?

A simple way to pick a theme is to choose three main colors. These can then be carried through in the liners and fabrics you choose to decorate your rental tent. Lanterns and string lighting will add a softer feel. Run the main colors through napkins, table cloths and crockery. Don’t forget to keep your chair covers in theme.

Move away from the traditional

You don’t have to stick with traditional winter colors. Red, gold and green are colors often used as main theme colors in December. Experiment. It may be that sky blues and warm yellows will help people to forget the bitter cold for a few hours.

Think creatively

How about creating an indoor ‘fireworks’ display, with creative lighting for a stunning New Year’s Eve party? Or personalize ornaments and decorations toward St. Valentine’s Day, for a February party tent that’s enveloped in chocolate brown and adorned with Cupid’s arrows and red rose motifs? Or colorful dragons for Chinese New Year?

Keep guests cozy and welcome

It’s cold outside, but your tent doesn’t have to be. Make sure it’s well heated, and use carpeting on floored walkways inside the tent. Provide hats, scarves and gloves for guests that want to step out for a few minutes.

Soft furnishings can create inviting corners for relaxed conversation, and don’t forget to add a few blankets or throws for extra warmth.

Make use of the season’s gifts

Table displays can reflect the season. Include pinecones, holly, and seasonal berries. Candles will give added ambience in the winter glow.

Hang cotton snowflakes on invisible fishing lines, and bring a winter night scene to life by using stringed fairy lights that twinkle like a clear night’s sky full of stars. Clear, helium-filled balloons create opaque and mysterious planets as your imaginative lighting plan takes its full effect.

Some of the most memorable parties have been tented affairs in the middle of winter. The secret is to be creative, think outside the box, and embrace the season. There are hundreds of themes to choose from. With a theme in mind, we’ll be pleased to help you with tent decorating ideas that will make a stunning backdrop to any party. From lighting to liners, fabrics to flooring, we’ve got your back.

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