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Here at Main Attractions, we find clients return for event tent rental time and again. After you’ve rented an event tent for the first time, we’re sure you’ll be hooked, too. Here are seven of the most common reasons our clients tell us they love holding their events in a tent supplied by Main Attractions:

1. Venue flexibility

When you hire a tent for a birthday, corporate party, wedding, or other event, your venue possibilities explode. It’s possible to hire a tent for virtually any situation and we have outdoor event tents for all occasions. If your chosen location doesn’t benefit from even ground, there’s no need to worry. We’ll survey the ground and recommend a solution.

2. Labor-saving

When you’re hosting an event, the last thing you need is the extra burden of setting up and packing up. With a tent rental, you’ll benefit from a highly-experienced team of installers. They’ll do all the donkey work, ensuring that everything is as you expect before the event, and then disassembling and taking away after.

3. A weather-proofed outdoor event

There’s nothing quite like an outdoor event, but there’s always the worry that it will be ruined by bad weather. Tent hire takes that worry away. Your guests will be protected from rain and wind, and portable heaters will warm them during winter parties. With a tented event, you won’t ever need to worry about the weather turning against you.

4. Create a unique atmosphere

When you hold your event in a tent, you have the opportunity to make the space your own. It can be anything you want it to be. In a hall or club, you’ll be limited as to the layout – the food area, dance floor, staging and dining areas are fixed. With a tent, the design of the floor space is entirely your decision. You can create a unique atmosphere and a unique experience.

5. Add ambience with your choice of lighting and tent décor

Once you’ve decided on a floor plan, you can fashion the ambience you desire with bespoke tent lighting and accessories. Tent walls, drapes and decorating options can be enhanced even further with flowers and plants. With atmospheric lighting, drapes and décor, you can create an internal space that reflects your personality and event intentions.

6. A unique and private outdoor event

There’s something very special about an open-air event, but it suffers from a lack of privacy. Open-air events tend to spread out, and the words during speeches or award ceremonies become lost in the breeze. A tent retains the openness, but pulls all your guests together. At the same time, your event is hidden from the world outside. This is most important when your event is private and intimate, like a wedding for which there is a host of tent ideas for the perfect ceremony.

7. Lower stress and total control

When you hire an event tent, you retain total control without the stress. There’s no worry about the weather ruining your day. The tent is professionally erected and taken down without fuss. You get to design the event space you want, and control its look and feel with your choice of lighting and décor. From the location of your event to the party atmosphere you create, you remain in complete control.

Whatever your event, contact Main Attractions today. We’ll walk you through all tent options and ensure that you benefit from all the advantages of tent rental. We can work fast, too, though the sooner you reserve your tent the less likely you are to be disappointed.

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