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In a recent article about types of tents for events, we discussed outdoor event tents for all occasions. In that article we examined the uses for tents, including high peak tents, frame tents, tension pole tents, and clear span tents. In this article, we look at six tips for choosing the best type of tent for your event.

What you need to consider when selecting your event tent

1. Where is the event to be held?

The ground on which the tent will be set should be your first consideration. Will it be on black top, grass, or concrete? Is the ground level, or will some leveling work need to be carried out before the tent is set up?

Clear span tents can be used on all types of surface, while pole tents are best on even grass surfaces.

2. How much space is available for the tent?

Consider how much space is available for the tent. Pole tents must be staked, and so will need several feet of clearance around the tent.

3. How many guests are you expecting?

Of course, the more guests that have been invited, the larger space will be needed. However, if you are working with limited space, a frame or clear span tent will enable you to accommodate more guests. There are no poles taking up valuable space.

If your location is spacious, a pole tent is often the most economical choice. It will also provide a traditional backdrop for any party or corporate event. For a spectacular wedding there are several rental tent ideas for the perfect ceremony, ideal for small and intimate weddings as well as those where hundreds will be enjoying the wedding breakfast and evening reception.

4. What will the rental tent be used for?

The type of tent you rent will also depend on the type of event you have planned. For example, a corporate event during which the audience will be seated and listening to speeches will be best housed in an open space, unencumbered by view-inhibiting poles.

5. What flexibility do you need?

Most needs can be met with a traditional-shaped pole tent or frame tent. However, if you need a more flexible solution, perhaps with a T-shaped space, for example, a clear span tent will probably provide the adaptability of design you need. 

6. What is your rental tent budget?

Finally, consider your budget. Pole tents are more economical, but require more space to set up and can inhibit views and dance floor space inside. Frame tents offer better use of internal space, while clear span tents combine the best features of all types of tents.

Here at Main Attractions, we work with event planners to ensure the tent selected is the best for your needs. We consider all the factors that impact rental tent choice, and make sure that no option is left unexplored. Contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements, and you’ll discover why so many event planners make Main Attractions their first call for all their rental tent requirements.

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