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Pipe and drape rental turns a tent into a welcoming space. The pipes hold up the drapes that create intimacy, hide features that shouldn’t be seen, and create the backdrop to your event. The perfect pipe and drape is the canvas on which the finer details of your wedding tent preparation could come alive. At a trade show, creative use of pipe and drape could make your booth stand out.

Of all the effects that transform delightful drape into a memorable backdrop, lighting is the one that delivers in stunning fashion. When it comes to lighting your drape and interior tent space, it’s time to let your imagination fly. Lighting will set the mood of your event. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Create a color wash with uplighting

Uplighting is one of the favorite types of tent lighting. It adds color, warmth, and looks amazing on video and photographs. A light every 10 feet or so will create a base to layer other colors if you wish. Use a single-colored light for a uniform look. Combine your main theme colors for a more striking tone.

Uplighting can also be used to create texture, and lights that change color throughout the evening will allow you to set the tone as your event progresses from formal to informal.

Pattern lighting

Pattern lighting projected on drape, floors and ceilings provides contrast and depth. The pattern could be any of your choice, bringing the areas of your space together and creating a natural flow.

Similar to pattern lighting (also called ‘texture’ or ‘gobo’ lighting), you may choose monogram lighting. A design is mounted on a light and projected onto the wall, ceiling, or floor. For example, the names of a bride and groom with the date at a wedding reception, projected onto the drape behind the newlyweds.

Create a star-filled night of magic

Another popular lighting option is lighting that creates a backdrop of stars on a night sky. Thousands of tiny white lights cover an area of around 50 feet by 50 feet, with a cloud effect that makes your ceiling feel higher. This works well on light-colored drapes on walls, too. If you fancy dancing the night away underneath a field of stars without having to worry about the weather, this is the lighting for you.

Chandeliers for extra elegance

Chandeliers combined with layered drape creates an amazing, elegant, yet intimate mood, ideal for weddings. Suspended over each table, or above the head table, they add glamor, and the light bouncing off the folds in the drapes creates a dreamy scene.

Pin-spot light to create table effect

Another popular method for creating intimacy at any event is to use pin-spot lighting. This can be used to light table decorations and centerpieces, or perhaps to illuminate a wedding cake or trophy.

Always consider the big picture

It’s easy to get carried away with beautiful lighting, adding separate elements as you build the room you want. Our advice is to consider the big picture first. We work with event planners to create an overall ambience, adding detailed lighting to highlight those elements which the hosts feel to be most important. Imaginative use of lighting helps guests see what the host wants them to see.

Think about what you want your space to say about your event. Consider how pipe and drape rental can help define that space, and then choose the lighting that will add the character you want, and bring your showcase to life.

When budgeting for your event lighting, you’ll need to consider the venue, types of lighting, theme, engineering needed, and distance to the event. Contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements, and you’ll discover why so many event planners make Main Attractions their first call for all their tent, drape, lighting and accessory needs.

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