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Trade show banners are cost-effective marketing tools. Combined with pipe and drape that makes your trade show booth stand out, cleverly designed trade banners will steer people to your stand. 

As marketing tools, trade show banners are super versatile, too. They’re light, easily stored, portable, and reusable. They can be used outside your store, at business meetings, and convention presentations.

In this article, you’ll discover how to maximise the benefits you get from trade show banners. These will help your banners do the job they’re capable of:

  • Increase your visibility
  • Build a buzz around your brand
  • Communicate your product’s USP

Here are eight tips that will help your trade banners build a buzz around your brand and communicate your product’s USP at any trade show.

1. Have your banner professionally designed

Commit the same time and resource to designing your trade show banner as you would to designing a brochure, newsletter, or marketing flyer. It needs to be designed to make people stop, look, and take notice. Your banners should be clear, concise, and easily seen from twenty feet away.

2. Place the text at the top

Most people work top down on any marketing material. This includes your trade show banners. So, put the wording at the top. Logo first, then a short and to-the-point marketing message. Don’t go for fancy font. It’s got to be easy to read.

3. Don’t overdo the graphics

Consider your images carefully. It’s easy to get carried away and fill the banner with shots of your product taken from different angles. But you risk confusing trade show attendees with too many pictures and too much color. Less is more. Consistency is important, too – the idea is to emphasize your marketing message.

4. The final message: the call-to-action

At the bottom of the banner, place your call-to-action. Make it something which encourages people to stop and interact with your company rep at the trade show. “Ask today and get a 20% discount!”

5. Be imaginative with your banner display

Banners can be used to create outstanding displays. How about designing several banners to create a mural wall? This could be more cost-effective than a full-size exhibit. And more versatile, too. With clever design, banners can be interchanged to display new products.

6. Make your banners stand above the rest

Great design, a head-turning splash of color, and thoughtful words may still not be quite enough to draw people’s full attention. Now it’s time to think big. Or should we say, tall. Put some height on your banners – most other trade show booths will have short banners. A little height will ensure your banner stands head and shoulders above the competition.

7. Position your banner perfectly

Think about the location of your booth, and where your banner will create maximum impact. Position it so it is seen by the largest audience. If traffic flow is right to left, make sure it faces on-comers. Think lighting, too. Could you put a spotlight on it to make it stand out even more?

8. Let your trade show banners ‘breathe’

Resist the temptation to clutter your booth. Hand out product flyers, and keep your booth from being cramped. Let your banners breathe and do the job they’ve been designed to do. If your booth is cluttered, your marketing message will be lost. When you give your banners room to breathe, you give your reps room to sell to the people your banners have drawn in.

Fabric banners are flexible and long-lasting. They’re versatile, transport easily, and store conveniently. They don’t shine when lit upon, making them easily viewed in all conditions. Vinyl banners work well in outdoor settings. They stay equally vibrant when it’s raining, and are more solid in a breeze.

For eye-catching trade show banners that will maximize your impact at any trade show, contact us today – with our expertise and your product, there’s no reason why your next trade show shouldn’t be your most successful yet.

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