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Trade shows are fantastic business opportunities. They can help your business to generate highly profitable leads, while promoting and strengthening your brand name – especially if you’re getting the maximum benefit from trade show banners.  

It’s generally easier to close sales at trade shows – you have a huge targeted audience. They are also a great chance to learn what your competitors are doing and what customers want. However, if you don’t attract passing trade, then all your time, effort and money will be wasted. 

One of the best (and easiest) ways to ensure you are one of the busiest businesses at the trade show is to make sure you have a great expo tent. One that does the all the jobs it should: house your people and exhibits, and act as a magnet for potential customers.

Here we look at five expo tent designs that will increase your visibility at any trade show. We also give you a sure-fire method of deciding which design is best for you.

The canopy tent

Of all expo tents, the canopy tent is the most popular. They are designed like gazebos, and you can hang sides if you wish. These can provide some privacy, be customized for additional advertising, as well as offer extra protection against the weather at outdoor trade shows. By using pipe and drape innovatively, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd.

Kiosk tent

These are similar to canopy tents, but have an in-built counter. These might be ideal for trade shows where you expect to have large numbers of customers in a short space of time. They allow several company reps to demonstrate your products to multiple customers simultaneously. Passers-by can easily join in.

Dome tent

Dome tents can make exciting expo tents. They are geometrically aesthetic, and translucent covers can be used to project images inside and out. They create a futuristic appeal for customers, and multiple domes can be connected to create a corporate complex at a trade show. However, they can be time-consuming to put up, and costly to hire or buy.

Star tent

The star tent is like a cross between a canopy and a traditional pole tent. It needs to be pegged out, and so you’ll find them at outdoor trade shows. They provide an open space, and one in which visitors can seek shelter form the sun. The drawback is that its sloping sides limit effective internal space – so the tent has to be larger than, say, a canopy tent needs to be.

Clear span tents

For larger exhibits where more internal space is needed, a clear span tent could be ideal. The internal space is clear of poles, and they can be erected on any surface. With a range of options for covering, a clear span tent can promote your products from without and within. They retain heat better in winter, too.

How to decide which type of expo tent you need

Here are seven questions to ask when deciding which type of expo tent is ideal for your needs, and will increase your visibility:

What will you be exhibiting?

If your product is a bespoke service or innovative product, a more intimate environment will probably be best. A canopy tent with sides could be ideal, retaining an inviting appeal while simultaneously offering some privacy.

What type of customer flow do you expect?

Think about where your stand is positioned at the trade show, and how customers are likely to flow past your expo tent. If you expect customers to come from all directions, a kiosk-type booth which allows several of your reps to generate interest from passing traffic at the same time could be your best option.

How easy is it to put up and take down?

For many businesses, ease of use is an important consideration. This is especially true of those businesses that are traveling from one trade show to another, perhaps as part of a national trade show tour. Canopy tents are the easiest to erect and pack away.

What kind of weather do you expect?

If your trade show is outdoors, then you’ll need to consider the weather. Canopy tents give minimum protection against the rain, and their lightweight structure is susceptible to high winds. A star tent is an attractive option in hot, sunny conditions, while a clear span tent can be easily adapted for all climates.

How much space do you need?

Your expo tent needs to be inviting. It needs to be large enough to both house your exhibits and allow your reps to engage with your customers. Give this plenty of consideration: too small and your customers will feel strangled; too large and it will appear that you and your products are low in the popularity stakes.

Now we come to the questions about the finer details – those that will make any expo tent stand out from the crowd:

What drape and pipe will you use?

Pipe and drape in corporate colors, and customized with corporate images, will give your expo tent a professional and branded appeal. You can add lights to create a visually stimulating display.

How can you maximise the benefits of trade show banners?

Well-designed and perfectly positioned trade banners will give your expo tent real kerb appeal. They can build a buzz around your brand, communicate your product’s USP, and skyrocket your visibility.

Attendance at trade shows could be the strategy that propels your company forward. But, as in all walks of life, first impressions count. A great expo tent, fit for purpose and augmented with purposeful pipe, drape and banners, will compel customers to visit your people and view your products.

Contact us today – with our expertise and your product, there’s no reason why your next trade show shouldn’t be your most successful yet.

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